Saturday, August 10, 2013

What is Healthy?

What is healthy?

More than the absence of pain, health is a physical and emotional state of being.

It is the adaptive capacity of the body. For the time that it costs your body adapt or respond to physical, mental or chemical stress, is when your body compensates and ends up losing his internal balance.

It depends on how well your body can adapt.  There are physical, mental and chemical stresses in the body and when you look at the time it takes for your body to get back to being internally balanced is how healthy or unhealthy one is.

As the body weakens, one can find the onset of symptoms.  Health comes from good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, a positive mental attitude and a nervous system that is free of interference.

Many disease processes take months and even years to show up externally. If one covers or masks these symptoms, it does not mean that the body is working normally.  Take a look at what chiropractic can do, and has been doing for more than 110 years.